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Further work

Further tuning is needed before any readings can be taken on a dynomometer to determine power changes over stock. This website will be updated with that information as soon as tuning and testing is complete. With baseline information determined for the motorcycle in its current configuration, efficiency can be increased in two discrete steps. Adding a bypass valve to the compressor, perhaps in the spark plug port, would allow for the compressor to be essentially turned off. This would reduce the drag on the system with the added power from a compressed air supply is not needed. This reduced drag would increase fuel efficiency during low load riding.

Further, by increasing the storage capacity of the air tank and adding more complex controls for the regulation of air flow, the engine could be used in a regenerative manner, storing inertia as compressed air. Keeping this air tank full for when bursts of acceleration are needed and recharging during engine braking would allow for the efficiency gains of bypassing the compressor while still utilizing the horsepower gains of the compressed air system.