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With the mechanical systems in place, work moves to the computer for tuning of the system. Tuning in this case is done using the Megatune software package that is provided with the Megasquirt ecu system. This software allows for direct connection between a personal computer and the computer on the motorcycle. Once connected, real time information about the motor, including measurements from all of the sensors are available. While tuning, key programming can be changed immediately.

Figure T1: Megatune screen shot

With the engine running, the computer will datalog values in real time for making adjustment to the programmed maps.

Figure T2: Datalogging with Megasquirt

Figure T3: Megatune fuel map

To start the vehicle, however, the program must be configured to some specifics about the engine. Cylinder count, displacement, fuel injector specifications, and more are used to generate a base map for starting the tuning.


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