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Fuel system outline

Combustion in the motor requires both fuel and air. The fuel system of the bike required a complete overhaul for this project. In its factory configuration, the GS500 uses a pair of carburetors to regulate fuel flow for the motor. This antiquated system lacks the control needed for any sort of precision tuning and is vacuum actuated, so it will not work under the positive pressure provided by the compressor. As such, the motorcycle was switched over to fuel injection. This provides high degrees of tune-ability and is not affected by the positive air pressure in the intake stream. The same system handling fueling controls is also used to control ignition timing. This will be covered in a later section.

To convert the fuel system to injection, the gas tank was replaced to accommodate an intake fuel pump. The carburetors were replaced with a single throttle body. Major fabrication was required to create a new gas tank for the motorcycle as there is not a commercially available fuel tank for the GS500 that accepts a fuel pump.


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