Air System Outline

With the compressor parts fabricated and installed in the bike, attention can be drawn on to utilizing this compressed air source. The air must be routed from the compressor outlet to a storage/buffeting tank to the engine intake and considerations must be made for the behavior of the compressed air supply. When considering components for this system, thought must be given to the needs of the motor, packaging constraints, strength, heat and weight concerns. For the piping, we want something as light as possible, that doesn’t absorb heat as it passes near the motor, and can be shaped to fit the packaging limitations. For this purpose, composite intake charge pipes were fabricated from carbon fiber to insulate the charge air, minimize weight and for ease of shaping into the complex curves needed. The air storage tank must also fit the packaging and be of proper volume. Here, an air to air intercooler was used to also benefit heat concerns. With an evaluation of the behavior of the compressed air supply during a variety of driving conditions performed, a blow off valve was added to better regulate air flow during off throttle conditions.

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